Women Veterans, did you know? Your military skills, training, and experience make you a precious asset as a civilian leader?

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Apply project management skills already established with your military training:

 - Simple techniques of understanding how your military experience is easily transferable to the civilian workforce;

 - Why your communication skills and training to work independently and with teams is a must needed skillset for today?

 - How to achieve quick results and become Civilian workforce ready, even if you are just ETSing?

 - Specific examples of how others have already begun stable careers and are functioning with flexibility in the creative industry;

- Find out the one thing you need to know to embody what employers are looking for, which 90% of your competitors do not know about;

 - A step-by-step guide for working remotely, which for 97% of the individuals leads to success ;

and more…!

Creator of SHE VET Media
Sistah Soldier

Sistah Soldier is the founder and CCO of SHE VET, iNC. She’s been a creative entrepreneur for over 25 years

She has been the lead creative for the SHE Society for Women Veterans, SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show, and SHE MediaTech, helping those who aspire to work in the media or technology area using project management as their vehicle. She founded the company a few years after retiring from the military to support women in the military community...

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